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Our Focus Areas

Improving our world - one life at a time

Educational Pathways The KNS Foundation is committed to supporting programs that are education-centric, including but not limited to,  the distribution of academic scholarships, college readiness workshops and tutoring programs.  KNSF is committed to helping youth/young adults in our service area achieve and maintain academic excellence. 

Artistic Development & Exposure - With the reduction of artistic expression opportunities in many schools, the KNS Foundation believes that every child should be afforded the opportunity to explore the beauty of the performing arts.  The KNSF's support of programs provide access to children who would otherwise not be exposed to film, music, art and dance experiences. We're committed to empowering our communities to thrive in the areas of the arts.  

Health & WellnessSupporting both mental and physical health educational programming, the KNS Foundation works to ensure that our communities are provided programs, workshops and literature specifically related healthy life options, healthy food choices and an active lifestyle.

Youth Leadership Development KNSF  supports programs that expose youth in our service area to concepts that develop strong Interpersonal Skills, encourage the awareness of our Global Citizenship and nurture Entrepreneurial Excellence. 

Economic Empowerment The KNS Foundation believes that Financial Literacy is the key to developing and maintaining economic security.  KNSF supports programs that provide both information and practical instruction on how the communities we serve can transition into sustained financial stability. 

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Camille A. Brown's City of Rain. Photo by Paul Kolni
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